Monday, July 12, 2010

Diary of a Scribe Day 12

I'm migrainy and nauseous so I'm going to keep this one fairly short.

Still in Chapter One of the 4th story in my series of projects. This one is clunky and reads like a fourth grader wrote it. No offense to fourth graders. I love fourth graders. I was one once.

The next part of the chapter is where the real reason for our hero's presence, which is going to set off a conflict. Yay, obstacles! After the obstacle is [QUICKLY] taken care of, BAM--here comes Chapter Two! Hopefully.

And what does Chapter Two hold? I have no freaking clue. When I got as far as I could in Chapter One tonight, I decided to re-start my grant research. I may post a finding or eighty here to get some feedback, to see if anyone has heard anything about them. Yes, it IS a lot of good, but it's a darn good thing I'm good at research.

I shall bid you adieu. My eyes have decided they want to freak out...pretty sure I need new glasses, a new prescription, but Obamacare hasn't come out and affected me yet. It's all about rent, utilities, gas and food. Really. My only luxury is the internet. And it's dial up. That's right. There's no cable here AND I'm living in 1993. I haven't bought clothing for myself in years, but within a month I bought a pair of leggings(something I swore I'd never do) and two new tops under $6 each.

We're nearly at ONE WEEK to Gaga. Dude. I'd better not forget my ticket.

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