Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Diary of a Scribe Day 25: The Day I Became a Whore

Not literally. I'm not a Sex Whore. I'm an Attention Whore.

Once there was a time when I would keep my work as close to me as possible.

But now, it's time that the world be subjected to things I have to say.

And blogging seems perfect for me. It gets me out there in the world and keeps me busy when I'm blocked on my other projects.

After I got out of that long, dry, boring, predictable Leonardo diCaprio movie "Inception," I went home and got to work looking for suitable blog sites to share my words. ("Why I Hate Inception," or "Someone Owes Me $5 and My Sunday Morning Back:the review" is coming soon)

I found several, but can only do so much on this computer, so this will be a multi-tiered event. In addition to The Rehab Lounge Library and the other Rehab Lounge blogs, I am now a member of the xanga, livejournal, and WordPress communities. All of The Rehab Lounge blogs and the xanga, livejournal, and my myspace blogs will all pretty much be the same, but my WordPress blog is a little more whimsical and silly and called Gossipy Bitches, for which I'm going to be needing help from my friends. It's going to be a celebrity-oriented blog ala Go Fug Yourself and Perez Hilton, but this time, instead of those bitches, it'll be me and my bitches.

See? I've been busy. I just haven't been busy doing what I had set out to do, but maybe this will help me get in the groove. I'm a multi-blogger. I've also decided to carry on my "33 for 33" series after the first is over. The second one will be a little bit easier. It will be "The Top 33 Drinks in My Catalogue" or something way more clever than that.

But there you have it. Even as I'm rushing to make up the blogs I missed, I'm posting all previous blogs on xanga and myspace and livejournal, and am about to post my GaGa review on WordPress.

What do you think? Is this a wise idea?

Where are YOU reading this blog?

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