Friday, July 9, 2010

Diary of a Scribe Day 8

Well, this week is starting off with a bang, eh? The blog is, as of CST, about an hour late. That's how it starts. I get lax on the blog I get lax on the story...stories...

So this time instead of writing or blogging, I decided to make Nestle Tollhouse Cookie bars. I don't currently stock baking soda in my kitchen so I had to fudge a bit and use baking powder. They are in the oven now. We shall see.

I don't want you to think i didn't get anything done today. I did. I think I got the perfect top of the Lady Gaga concert that I can bedazzle and decorate and rip to hell, and, thanks to Jill's tip, got it for under $6. Now I just have to figure out what I'm doing to it.

I also finished chapter 5 of "A. Rose for Justin." It's a working title that I'm trying to work into the story, but if it doesn't fit, the name will be changed. I've been working on that story's first 5 chapters for so long that it's a touch on the difficult side to make the transition to "Just Dance"(it's another working title. I don't particularly like it, so I'm just waiting for Inspiration to strike.) A. Rose...was starting to get fun but challenging, b/c I needed to have a soundtrack, and I wasn't ready for that, and now this new story revolves around music, as well, but different music. Music is too chaotic for me right now. What I want is words, not to figure out what next song should be in the playlist.

So I ended that chapter 5, took a short break, and picked up the next chapter outline. Yeah, it's not gonna work for me, so I'll have to write an outline before I work on each chapter. Hey, I'm trying different methods. Maybe this will work out in my favor.

I finished the opening, which was a flashback to childhood, a SHORT flashback, that is. Then we meet the main character about to get to work. And I didn't mean that in a dirty way at all. The two main characters are about to meet...Or they were, before I decided to make cookies...

Speaking of, I had better check on them. Maybe the chocolate will inspire a few more paragraphs tonight.

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