Monday, July 26, 2010

Diary of a Scribe Day 24

I thought for sure that Saturday would be the day I'd get back to work. I worked on my review, but that's about it. I was just too tired, and too ready for this week to be OVER.

I mean, I got ready for, and attended a big concert, spent time in TWO gay clubs AND had to deal with my birthday as well as work.

No wonder I was exhausted.

I don't actually get out much. I'm not a hermit, but I'm not the kind to go out to the club on a weekly basis. Only once in a blue moon, when there is a special occasion.

Well, on this special occasion, I got a lap dance from a gay with a white mohawk who was grinding on me while telling me that my roots were showing.

And the second time that week, I had a lovely drag queen buy me a birthday shot. The Boom is da bomb, y'all. That's for sure. Copa no more! Boom is here to stay!

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