Saturday, July 17, 2010

Diary of a Scribe Day 16

So. I've decided to join every social networking site I can find and put myself out EVERYWHERE.

This is NOT my only plan. One of many layers. If I want to be noticed, I have to make some noise. And I have to figure out a creative way to do that.

I should be up to this challenge. After all, I DID just lend a creative hand to a new buddy who is off and zooming on new projects, just because of something I said. And that's fantastic. I found I have other than the usual methods of using my theatre training. (I've all but retired from Stage Management, so it's nice to use what I learned, the EIGHT YEARS I was there). I made a new buddy, got some merch, and found a new band to obsess over. (Thanks Rodd!) Go to Charlie's Sports Bar in Choctaw sometime, get yourself some Mustang Beer, and listen to some mugfug. From what I've hear so far, their music is awesome, and they will be teaming up with an improv group called Awkward Pause. This blog MAY be brought to you by mugfug.

So I've decided to start developing the blog. It needs to go further than 33 days. Maybe I'll do a special "33" series for my entire 33rd year. 33 recipes for the poor. 33 drink recipes that you'll adore...33 book reports...there are SO many options.

What do you think about me posting portions of my works? I don't want thievery to go on, but I want some feedback.

So...questions? Comments? Rotten fruit?

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