Monday, July 5, 2010

Diary of a Scribe Day 5

I've been distracted today. Work. Laundry. Glee. Two Facebook accounts that don't actually require tending, but I'm playing the four games that will actually load on my computer at home...But I've actually gotten way more done today than I did yesterday, and I was off all day yesterday.

I've actually gotten to an interesting part...well, not really, but more interesting than the "new" exposition(if you get to read it you'll understand what I mean). The scene I am currently working on will break off and lead into an evening at a karaoke bar. I personally hate karaoke, but music has been my big inspiration for all of my stories thus far, and is really important to this series of stores. That's why all the Glee and Mamma Mia...There are looong playlists for the two stories in this series. Music kind of motivates these two stories.

I put some "new" music on my's not new, it's just stuff that hasn't been on there in a while...and actually, the John Mayer and mugfug ARE new. I can't wait to listen to them. Which I may be doing after I go get one basket of laundry and fold it...It's going to be a long laundry night...and I have to walk a little ways to the laundry room...I mean, it's within eyesight of my building, but who's watching me when I go out there?

So. Laundry and the finishing of this chapter...Karaoke may begin the next chapter...and that will be the 5th chapter...And then I move on to the next story and it's first five chapters...Then I'll have to figure out what my second assignment is going to be.

Good thing I had that Green Monster energy drink after 5 today...I'll be up all damn per usual, only I'll be wide awake. Awesome.

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