Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Diary of a Scribe Day 19

Hello Little Monsters!

Oops. Wrong venue.

So I neglected to blog last night. I was busy making sure I have everything I need tonight, for I. Am. Going. Gaga.

I'm trying to dress the part of a dancer.....errr..sort of...so that I can kind of get into my character's head...This is the problem with writing a character you don't intimately know...you've got to meet her, get in her head and learn about what makes her tick.

Well, the character that I'm working on is a dancer, a consummate performer. I am neither, nor have I faced anything like this character has. This is hard. But where would we be without challenges? And I'm pretty sure this is one of my easier challenges, so I'm not going to bitch too hard about it. I HAVE to go to The Monster Ball for RESEARCH? Gah, I hate my job.


Also, that Princess Trainwreck that has taken over Britney's top spot, Lindsay Lohan, is about to go to jail...I'm keeping an eye on TMZ.com to see what I can see....

Man, too bad I live in Oklahoma and don't like to act like the paparazzi...I could do some damage as a celebrity blogger. I'm JUST as cool as Perez Hilton, if not more. Maybe we could be blogger buddies....

Hmm...Dear Perez.....

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