Saturday, July 31, 2010

Diary of a Scribe Day 30

Holy cow. Day 30 and I'm still here.

Never would have seen that coming.

See, I'm the type to make all these low-bar fantastical plans and then not go through with them.

Then I realized that this could be my livelihood and decided that I'm too old to do stuff like that. If I'm going to buy my way into a nice nursing home, I'd better be getting down to work.

I just need to get my words out there, get some notice. I also need to finish my four current book projects before starting the next three.

See, I have one book finished, but it's still not ready. It's Part One of a three book series. I want to have all three of them done before I send them off. And really, I want to have another done to send in first. It seems a little overblown for my first book to be part of a series...The second or third, sure, but you have to lay that groundwork, eh?

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