Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Diary of a Scribe Day 7

It's been One Week. Yay! I made it a week! I haven't tallied up my pages yet, but I will before this blog is finished.

I was just sitting here, eating on my Cadbury Fruit & Nut and catching up on Season 3 of True Blood (I haven't seen S1 or 2, and I hate myself for even watching it.) I did get a little bit done this evening, but I'm not sure if I'm close to the ending of this chapter or if I want to go ahead and drag it out. I think I'm going to cut it off and get ready to move on to a different story.

Without knowing the number of pages I finished yet, I already know I need to devote more time to not only writing, but researching grants and contests and background for my stories also. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open.

But for now, I'm going to go shift a couple of things around in my bedroom and probably come sit back down where I am right now...As a matter of fact, I don't think I'll move at all just yet. I still have stuff to do.

And without further ado, I have 34 and one half pages, double sided, hand written in teenage serial killer scrawl(a GIRL serial killer, b;c it's all crazy and bubbly). That doesn't necessarily translate into the same amount of pages, but that comes when I enter my handwritten nonsense into the computer, which is a pain in the neck, but my preferred way to do it. My thoughts aren't clear unless I can write them down.

See you tomorrow!

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