Friday, July 16, 2010

Diary of a Scribe Day 15

I. Am. Exhausted.

But my day wasn't that hard. I think it was the nights I've tried to go to bed "early." I would get to bed at a decent-for-me hour and I would lie there, wide awake and staring at the window or changing positions every few minutes. I just couldn't get comfortable. And turning over in the bed requires a shift of a cushion, body pillow, a sheet, a blanket, and a readjustment of the pillows.

I've got a system. It doesn't take as long as it sounds. But it was absolutely ridiculous.I would be much happier if my fan hadn't died last year. The sound lulled me to sleep, and it kept me cool and my electric bills a bit lower.

I opened, but away two orders, input some invoices, hung out on Facebook, did some internet research on new products...

But then I went to Rory's and we ran errands. In the heat. A/C or no, It. Was. Hot. And I haven't been feeling well since the Sonic incident. Pretty sure I'm partially dehydrated too. Bought a clean gallon of water to drink, have some ginger ale for the nausea that is still keeping me from eating properly. Actually, I feel better tonight than I was earlier today, and actually got to eat Rory's Angus beef tips and rice with mushroom gravy. O.M.G. Paula Deen don't KNOW. I had to take some to-go, but it was still hot and delicious...even though I'm feeling a little meh all of a sudden. Whoops.

I tried to work on some NYT Crossword puzzles, to see if I could get some synapses to fire. No luck. Headache makes tiny stuff blurry. And so do out-of-date glasses. And I just couldn't concentrate. And this is one of my surefires. I can always trust the New York Times Crossword to get me going.

Except this time.

I'm starting to get hung up on visuals and research. Right now, it all hinges on choreography. I need to learn the beats and moves so that I can choreograph my story. By this last, I don't mean choreograph dance steps necessarily. I just think that this particular story should be choreographed like some sort of crazy dance.

I haven't been to a dance show in years(sorry. I barely go to shows at all), and I've only worked on...two. Three never ending days of flamenco and Kevin Kem in his dance yeah, two, I think. The last musical I worked on was with CityRep in 2003, Little Me. That was a fun show. I was Kerry Robertson's dresser. And I helped the ensemble guys dress. Yup. Eyeful.

I get to do a bit of research, actual research on Tuesday, at the Lady Gaga concert. I have dial up interwebs so it's difficult to easily search and watch performances and videos, so I'll get the real thing, which is something I need. I hope I can remember it all. I don't think I'll be taking notes,

I think I'm going to take this opportunity to go to bed. I can barely keep my eyes open, and there's ever so much going on in my apartment right now. And tomorrow I think I'm going to try to find my copy of The Artist's Way, or some other book on writing I may have and try to find or create an exercise that will get me going.

If YOU have any ideas about any of this blog, please leave a comment.

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