Friday, July 30, 2010

Diary of a Scribe Day 29

I'm almost done with my first "33 for 33" series....The next one will start up immediately after this one has finished, only it's going to be posted in The Rehab Lounge Bar..."33 Cocktails...something something clever title here."

It's going to be a super easy blog to do. Thirty three alcoholic cocktails that I absolutely adore and can't live without. Recipes, pictures, and my reasons, my memories. While I'm posting those easy bits, I'll be working on something slightly more difficult...I may be sorry later on, but I am going to try it anyway.

So. While I'm working on these blogs, I am also going to work on some sort of presentation for the Kickstarter web site. That's a fantastic site where the creative sorts go to raise money for their art. For instance, there is a band is looking for money for a touring van.

My needs are not so simple.

I've always been poor my entire life. When I was young, my daddy gave me everything, and if I didn't get it I would pitch a fit and get it anyway. Not a great parenting strategy, considering where I am today. But I'm not here to blame my parents for stuff...Not right now, anyway.

My dad had always promised to buy me a computer. And I really needed one. No, really, I did. It was hard to get into the Media Center at school after hours or way before school started, and our public library just had books(and there's nothing wrong with that). All of those papers I could have made better with Verdana font, or something to do with Photoshop...Oh, the skill sets I could have had prior to college...

So I never had a computer. All of my computing, paper typing, chat rooming, emailing, was done at the college computer labs. Only one stayed open late and it was usually full, and none of the printers wanted to work...You can see how a home computer would have been a benefit.

My dad liked to make promises, but he never kept them. So after he died, I took my IRS refund and bought a computer. A computer that no longer exists, apparently, and is on its last legs, and is incredibly pissed off because I have dial up internet.

I need a new computer. Actually, I need a netbook. Not a PC, not even a laptop, but a netbook. Just something enough to blog, load pics onto said blog, work on my books anywhere I am. Nothing too special...Just the basic writer's software...whatever that is. And a printer. Lexmark is BUNK. A webcam for video blogging, a mic for podcasts, and a digital camera with accessories for all the pictures I've missed taking this past decade...And wireless internet. Enough for a year.

That's what I need. Well, an oil change, new tires, alignment, glasses that aren't 8 years old and a haircut and color I didn't do myself would be great, too, but the technology is really what I need. This IS the Technological Age, and if I'm going to rise above, then I absolutely need the equipment.

But I already ask enough of my friends....How can I ask for more?

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