Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Diary of a Scribe Day 13

Less physical writing, more research, and more thinking about how I want this scene to play. I've kind of messed up already, but I usually keep going until it's done, and THEN I go back and deal with it, but since this is the FIRST scene in CHAPTER ONE, I'd probably better make sure it goes right.

So tonight, is the list of the few grants and contests that I have peeked through. Everyone knows that research and research for grants is tedious, so I'm just hoping that I'm on the right track. If you've heard about any of these, I could use the feedback.

One thing that I never thought about until today was using Kickstarter, which is a website that basically helps you raise money...Erika W. has already used the program to raise some funding for her Laboratory Theatre project, so I asked her about her experience and what she thought about me using this program to start up the corporation of ME. There are things a writer needs...a lap top, software, a decent printer for the for the paper for the manuscripts, for the postage...I've already discovered how much it costs for ONE copy of ONE story. It's kind of daunting. So Kickstarter may indeed be where I start.


Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation

John Anson Kitteredge Educational Fund

RRofine Trophy

These are just the few that I gleaned out of Google.

Not sure that I'll do anything else tonight...I may go back and read the notes I've made for this particular story and see what comes of that. There's just SOMETHING about this story that is pissing me off and I'm not sure what it is...

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